With summer right around the corner we were looking forward to a packed summer filled with various Career Exploring opportunities.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 has had an impact on our council and we have had to cancel many of our Summer Exploring Programs as well as our Annual Luncheon.


Together, we have the power to overcome the most difficult times. Exploring gives students the ability to discover hands-on experiences of what it’s like to work in professions across 12 career clusters in the Chippewa Valley. Our 500 youth who are in our Exploring Programs are still dreaming of becoming doctors, solving global issues as scientists, making a difference in their communities by starting their own businesses, and more.


At last year’s Exploring Luncheon we were able to help over 150 youth who needed financial assistance to participate in our Exploring Programs. Because we are no longer able to have our Luncheon, we respectfully ask you to sponsor a student for $50.  With your gift, the Chippewa Valley Council can continue to host our Exploring Programs going forward and support youth in the community who need our programs the most.


With your gift, the Chippewa Valley Council can continue giving young people the skills and values they need to be successful through a foundation of quality programs that develop character, leadership, and integrity. Under the new Stimulus Bill that was passed, contributions up to $300.00 will be tax deductible, even if you do not itemize your tax return.


You may give to our Exploring Program by visiting us online at:

You can also text Exploring637 to (844) 615-4269…Or donations can be mailed into the Chippewa Valley Council, attention Exploring, 710 S Hastings, Eau Claire WI, 54701.


Your investment in Exploring makes a huge difference for youth in our community. Thank you again for your support.


Exploring provides exciting activities and one-on-one mentorship for youth looking to discover their future. Whether you’re a local organization looking to strengthen the community or a young person wanting to uncover the possibilities of your future, Exploring is a great place to start.

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